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Turbo Fuse Metal Bonding Methyl Cyanoacrylates


Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Industrial Grade
Methyl For Metals

TURBO FUSE METHYL FOR METALS cyanoacrylate adhesive is designed to polymerize instantly by absorbing surface moisture. This cyanoacrylate adhesive is specifically formulated to bond various metals including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, to itself and to a variety of materials including wood, balsa wood, rubber, plastics and leather. Palm Lab’s Methyl for Metals cyanoacrylate adhesive is a one component rapid bonding adhesive ideal for metal surfaces. Turbo Fuse Methyl for Metals is equivalent to PermaBond 910.

Notes: Applications for this Methyl for Metals cyanoacrylate adhesive include wiper blades, nameplates, gearshift indicators, aerospace parts, automotive and machinery parts, electronic components, transportation equipment, etc. All surfaces must be clean, dry, dust and grease free. Lightly abrading surfaces immediately before bonding will achieve best results. If using an accelerator, apply to one component surface only. Apply thin film of adhesive to the other surface and bring pieces together immediately. When bonding “O” rings, cut a fresh surface onto each end of the rubber to gain the best possible strength. Turbo Fuse Methyl for Metals is equivalent to PermaBond 910. Meets MLLA 46050 Type I Class II specification requirements.

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