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Turbo Lock Green High Strength Permanent Threadlockers


Turbo Lock Green High Strength Permanent Threadlockers

TURBO-LOCK SERIES 16 Green Wicking Grade threadlocker is a fast curing, GREEN, medium strength, wicking grade, anaerobic thread-locking compound for bonding and sealing threads, and pre-assembled parts. This threadlocker is highly resistant to heat, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.

Notes: All 10ml and 50ml bottles come with Nozzle and Brush Dual Dispensing System. Loctite 29005 Threadlockers are specifically suitable for applications such as adjustment of set screws and small diameter fasteners, where easy dis-assembly is required. Use threadlockers to secure bolts and screws.is a 0.5 ml capsule.

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