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Introducing Turbo-Lock Threadlockers

Palm   Labs   Adhesives   designs   and   packages threadlockers   in   color   coded   bottles   with   applicator brushes  and  tips  to  make  dispensing  quick,  clean  and easy.    Purple  is  designed  for  screws  up to  ¼”  in  diameter  and  is  a  low  strength removable   grade.   Blue   is   a   medium strength  threadlocker,  it  is  removable, and  it  is  generally  suitable  for  bolts  up to  ¾”  in  diameter.  Red  is  high  strength threadlocker and is a permanent adhesive designed  for  bolts  up  1  ½”  in  diameter.  Green  is  a  wicking  grade  adhesive  also known  as  retaining  compound  and  are formulated   to   increase   the   strength   of   non-threaded cylindrical applications.

Retaining compounds have become a standard method  for  assembling  slip  and  press  fit  assemblies such  as  bonding  shaft  bearings  rather  than  using  press fits,  shrink  fits,  or  expensive  locknuts.  The  adhesive prevents  lateral  movement  and  protects the  joint  from  corrosion.  It  can  also eliminate  locknuts  from  the  assembly, reducing  weight  and  inventory.  Retaining compounds  also  improve  performance due  to  the  increased  surface  contact between the shaft and the bearing.

Adhesives  applied  on  clean  surfaces yield  the  best  results,  although  surface insensitive  formulations  by  Palm  Labs Adhesives  have  overcome  many  of  the  issues  related  to surface  contamination.  Surface  insensitive  formulations also work well on plated and anodized surfaces.

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