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Turbo Fuse Surface Insensitive Enhanced Ethyl Cyanoacrylates

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Industrial Grade
Surface Insensitive

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive:

Turbo Fuse Surface Insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesive is designed to bond difficult materials substrates. Gives you extra bonding capabilities with plastic, Viton rubber and EPDM rubber. All of our cyanoacrylate glue products are designed to polymerize instantly when in contact with surface moisture. Palm Lab's Cyanoacrylate is a one component rapid bonding adhesive.

Notes: Turbo Fuse surface insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesive is the best adhesive for natural acidic surfaces and difficult to bond materials. The fast curing qualities make it especially desirable in high speed industrial production and is ideal for use in applications that require an easily handled medium viscosity adhesive.

115 SI Wicking - Plastic Bonder+
110 SI Wicking - Plastic Bonder+
120 SI Thin - Elastomer Bonder+
125 SI Thin - Plastic Bonder+
130 SI Medium - O-Ring - Plastic Bonder+
143 SI Medium - General Purpose+
150 SI Medium - General Purpose+
160 SI Medium - Intermediate Gap Filling+
170 SI Thick - Intermediate Gap Filling+
180 SI Thick - Large Gap Filling+
190 SI Thick - Maximum Gap Filling+
440 SI Thixotropic - Maximum Gap Filling+

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